Campeón: Premium Tequila

Design excellence elevates the meaning of the word "Champion.”

Inspired by the Campeón name and production process, 214 developed a new brand identity and packaging design that evoke appreciation through luxurious details, further positioning the brand as a champion of good taste in its category—and on the shelves.

A Winning Brand

We translated the Campeón name into a visually connected identity through an eye-catching medal that recalls the idea of the Olympic wreath. This medal marks every bottle—like the brand itself—as a champion.

A Visual Identity Inspired by Nature

The visual identity is based upon the products star ingredient: the agave plant. Our design heroes the agave by featuring a sleek cross-section of the plant, during the production process.

Intentionally Designed from Top to Bottom

The bottle is sleekly designed to enhance the consumer experience down to the last drop—a toast to the details.