Half & Half: Flower Subscription

A fresh name and thoughtful presentation reframe what it means to get flowers delivered

Half & Half Flowers’ distinctive name and  packaging deliver a moment of pause, even in the whirl of New York City. Their fresh, locally-sourced bouquets add a little natural beauty into the city’s daily grind. The brand continues to cultivate a passionate base of subscribers who embrace simple kindnesses--for others, or themselves.

Saying it with Flowers

We created a name that showcases the dual benefits offered by Half & Half's service: farm fresh flowers accompanied by inspirational notes

Case-Study-HHF-010517_08 copy
A Vase for Green Hearts and Thumbs

The name “Half & Half” also references the signature reusable milk bottle vase, reinforcing the concept of local flowers sourced from local farms. Not only does the brand support local producers, but the design also supports environmental consciousness through reuse.

Beautifully Arranged Collateral

214 designed business cards that emphasize the duality of the flower and vase through distinct color combinations inspired by specific bouquets. The cards capture the simple essence and beauty of the product through our in-house directed photography.