Hub on Campus: Luxury Student Housing

An adaptable identity and premium-yet-playful brand to rally the college crowd

When Hub on Campus first launched their US student housing properties, they needed a premium identity to scale as the brand expanded. To convey the properties’ modern aesthetic and resort-style amenities, 214 created a dynamic visual system to set the expectation for quality. A fun, youthful personality allows each unique property to show school spirit and foster community.

A Shared Visual Identity

The parent Hub On Campus brand identity was created around a visual framework that allowed each of the local identities to use and build upon it. Keeping a familial visual structure increased brand recognition and awareness, while allowing for a customizable color palette to coordinate with the adjacent university.

A Web Platform to Stand On

The Hub On Campus website was built on a custom, fully responsive template, using a 'mobile-first' approach to usability and design—so easy a parent could use it.

Fashion-Forward Design

We created a series of fun graphic tees that showed off the brand and its offerings, but more importantly, ones that fashion-conscious students wanted to show off too. The bold typography and engaging messages spoke to Hub’s brand voice and specific locations, allowing us to bring their brand to life through design—literally.

Showcasing Iconic Amenities

Our eye-catching custom icons visually showcase the various amenity offerings grouped within their respective categories.