Jason Wu: Fashion Line Launch

A lively and playful launch event that plays to the creator’s ethos

To infuse the designer’s spirit and creativity into the launch of his new line GREY Jason Wu, 214 crafted and executed a 360 marketing strategy. An experiential dinner event served as a playful culmination, its exquisite style captured through social media and film.

Dinner with Friends

As part of the immersive experience, we collaborated with Jason Wu and his team to launch a series of participatory dinners, partnering with dynamic young chef Laila Gohar. 

Chef Laila Gohar
Creative settings
Memorable food
Exquisite styling


"It was obvious when the invitation went out that the GREY Jason Wu launch was not going to be your ordinary fashion dinner."
An invitation that's newsworthy
An invitation that's newsworthy
Wild Postings

214 collaborated with Jason Wu and his team to develop and place wild postings in NYC in tandem with the experiential Dinner events.