La Fermière: Naturally French Yogurt

Achieving a higher expectation for French food culture.

Already beloved in Europe, La Fermière wanted to introduce—and own—the French yogurt category in the US. By tapping into current food trends and American perceptions of French culinary culture, 214 tapped into latent cultural associations with quality and refinement to craft a natural visual identity. The resulting look is simple and authentic, allowing consumers to indulge in the ideal of a certain je ne sais quoi, both online and on shelves.

Like brand, like packaging. Less is more.

The simple design and natural colors honor the brand’s authentic heritage and the nature of the product inside, as well as allowing the iconic pot to take center stage.

All the places to savor the moment.

The La Fermière website both informs consumers about La Fermière and whets the palate through luscious product and lifestyle photography and clean, purposeful design.

Photography good enough to eat.

Inspired by La Fermière’s brand values of simplicity and authenticity, as well as their Provençal heritage, we shot custom photography to create a signature aesthetic designed to appeal to and resonate with an American audience online.


"214 may be a smaller boutique agency, but they know how to see big. La Fermière could not be more ready to launch in the US with a great packaging and website."

Julien Lapraz, U.S. Sales Director, La Fermière