Live Grey: Workplace Culture

An empathic brand experience to make work more human

Live Grey started as a philosophy toward work, but needed to evolve into a viable business. By delving into audience motivations and changing attitudes about work, 214 helped the young company define a breakthrough brand position aligned with its empathic purpose: “Making Work More Human.” A new visual brand identity and online communications strategy now amplify this brand’s “why” to foster new brand relationships.

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Creating a Connected Identity

Following the evolution of Live Grey’s core purpose, 214 designed a vibrant new visual identity and wordmark that better showcases and connects to the brand’s updated mission, name, and positioning. The new name inspires action and interaction through a redesigned wordmark that expresses the modernity and humanity of the brand. The visual identity reflects the brand's evolved, people-focused purpose through a softened color palette and emotive details. A responsive website showcases the brand’s updated services and identity through engaging visuals and stunning photography. They reinforce the brand’s wordmark and positioning in memorable ways, such as the rotating headline that defines “Making Work More Human” with creativity and impact.

Icons with impact

Icons that illustrate Live Grey’s core programs are brought to life as dimensional objects that create a strong and memorable visual impression of each program's purpose.

Live Grey Cards
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Content Marketing That Matters

To strengthen Live Grey’s connection with their target audience in line with their empathic new positioning, we devised a new content strategy to reach heads of people and culture thought leaders. In addition to planning a cohesive social media strategy to appeal to Live Grey’s new audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and notably LinkedIn, we also introduced a new channel: a Medium publication called Grey Matters. We designed this branded content channel to position their thought leadership in the space, encouraging brand awareness and connection through collaborative conversation on “Making Work More Human.”

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Mindfully Curated

Using a mix of custom quote templates, engaging pictures, and branded publication header images, we create a carefully curated feed to leverage across the social channels. This gives Live Grey’s audience a more intimate view of the brand, as well as providing thought-provoking and inspiring content and visuals.

Life@Work Company Culture Conferences

When Live Grey decided to launch a culture conference, 214 landed on the name Life@Work— literally bringing the brand’s essence to life. We created the visual ID and designed the collateral across every touchpoint, from custom lanyards to programs. The fully branded environment served as a holistic representation of Live Grey’s brand values, reinforced connection amongst attendees, and complemented the natural beauty of the setting.

See full Life@Work case study here.

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