New York City Dance Alliance

A Brand Refresh to Ignite Inspiration

Through decades of quality dance instruction and dedication to its students, New York City Dance Alliance (NYCDA) has achieved a reputation for excellence. In a changing cultural and competitive setting, it was time to ensure the NYCDA brand’s broad-based appeal for the next generation of dancers.

214 set to work shaping a modern, approachable brand position and identity. Immersing ourselves into the world of tween dance culture, we gleaned insight into what makes NYCDA beloved by its loyal attendees. Our research helped us hone a compelling positioning, informing bold verbal and visual identity to embody passion and supportiveness. The resulting expression maintains a reputation for excellence while embracing dance’s future.

Finding our North Star

Through a series of workshops, we distilled their brand’s purpose alongside NYCDA stakeholders—a powerful truth on which to anchor our work.

Expanding our target

By studying youth dance culture, 214 discerned the different mindsets of dancers NYCDA sought to attract. Understanding what drives these different groups showed the way to building affinity and achieving a more approachable brand perception.


An inspirational brand positioning

Our research uncovered a tension in young dancers’ worlds. For NYCDA, we identified a unique opportunity to emphasize the brand’s dedication to students’ growth and self-expression.

NYCDA’s new positioning connects what drives dancers with what drives the brand. NYCDA has always been known for excellence. But excelling in dance isn’t all about trophies—it’s about realizing what you’re capable of. Combining excellence with inspiration ensures NYCDA will appeal to go-getters and passionate enjoyers alike.


Language in motion

Key messages and verbal guidelines convey the brand’s core beliefs and unique value. Written to inspire, the brand manifesto puts ideas into practice, infusing a sense of community.


A compelling content strategy

In the new youth dance landscape, digital communication is key to broadening perceptions. Our comprehensive playbook provides the winning blueprint for brand engagement across all social media.

  • Identifies content categories.
  • Defines audience interests.
  • Determines each channel's role, objectives, and primary audience.
  • Outlines best practices per channel specific to the brand.
  • Creates illustrative examples.
  • Provides success metrics and KPIs.

Building a branded system

To build cohesive identity, 214 created a resonant brand system designed to grow. The simple, bold, and modern image is reflected across materials and collateral. Powerful letter strokes embody the strength of the NYCDA community.

Asset 19
Asset 31
Asset 34

A brand guide to inspire

To support NYCDA as it continues to grow, 214 created a custom designed and beautifully bound book of the brand’s new foundation and identity guidelines.

Brand Book Cover Floating
Brand Book tour spread1
Brand Book Manifesto

Crafting a brand experience

To bring the refreshed NYCDA identity fully to life, 214 designed printed collateral for the brand’s many convention needs. Through wild postings, wayfinding signage, certificates, and more, we infused a contemporary boldness into their real-world brand experience.