Solti: Fresh Pressed Juice

A playful personality to show off the product’s natural vibrancy—and also draw a smile.

Our distinct and unexpected visual identity for this fresh line of juices, teas, and elixirs helps Solti stand out on a crowded shelf. 214 tapped into Solti’s healthy brand essence, bringing out its positivity and simplicity through both the new packaging design and a new name.

A Memorable Mark

The wordmark creates a memorable shape that reflects the dual meanings of the name, with the connection between the two syllables creating the same smile as a sip of Solti.

Eastern Influence

Inspired by Eastern ideas, we designed a symbol that combines imagery of meditation and mindfulness with nature, ensuring that the holistic health benefits of Solti, as well as its natural ingredients, shine through.

Getting to the Sol of the Matter

The new brand name, Solti, highlights the many benefits of the product. The multiple meanings of “Sol” reinforce the values of brightness and natural power, as well as holistic health, uniting in a refreshing elixir.

Clean and Clear Packaging

To stand out on the shelf, as well as on glass, Solti’s playful, modern identity retains a fresh, non-corporate feel. The packaging is as clean and simple as their 3-day Nourishment Cleanse.



214 fundamentally changed the game for us with our branding. The end product was a brand that exuded our company personality, culture, image and quality. Major props – this is hard to find in a design firm.

— Ryne O'Donnell, Founder