The Phluid Project: Gender-Free Retail

A Gen Z brand to challenge social norms

The Phluid Project set out to create the world’s first gender-free retail experience. More than just a clothing brand, Phluid offers a community space, hosted events and a ‘raised voice’ to put an end to the fashion gender binary.

To get to a resonant market position, we discerned the mindsets of the Gen Z and Millennial audiences, distilling the founder Rob Smith’s vision into a brand purpose statement to challenge boundaries with humanity and a position of inclusive activism. This set the foundation to craft an expressive brand identity bringing together many stripes of non-conforming youth culture under one celebratory banner.

Making a purposeful statement

Through a collaborative workshop, we crafted a statement to embody the essence of the brand and set the tone for all future work.

Making a stand and a declaration

More than just a mission statement, we wrote the manifesto as a bold declaration of what The Phluid Project stands for in the world—the brand’s beliefs, intentions, and vision.

Bringing fluidity to life

The Phluid Project logo embodies the progressive, forward movement of the brand. It reflects a spirit of freedom and fluidity of its audience, allowing it to be represented in different and unique expressions of styles while maintaining an overall consistency of form and recognition.

Phluid Storefront Window Display

—Rob Smith, Founder & CEO

“Working with 214 was an absolute joy. This is a truly special place full of vibrant and talented people. The full team was engaged in every step of the journey and went on to exceed expectations.”