Threaded: Sustainable Sheets

Ethical bedding infused 
with meaning

Threaded was started by two women founders looking to create the kind of ethical, beautiful bedding they desired for their own homes. In India, they were inspired by women and employers working to open new opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Modern consumers needed to experience these same stories (and emotions) for the brand to thrive. Our strategy centered on transparency: connecting consumers to the brand’s purpose. The experience and narrative we shaped ensured the brand’s purpose—creating sanctuaries with soul—was intimately woven throughout.


An identity that ties story and soul together

We first chose a name that echoes the brand’s offering and focus on connection via storytelling. Needing a logo to match, we next designed the Threaded wordmark and icon to reflect the bonds among us all, with stencil-like marks reminiscent of stitching.

We infused every aspect of Threaded’s brand with their story and purpose. The warm, natural color palette reflects their commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. These colors echo Threaded’s welcoming brand voice and messaging, emphasizing its carefully crafted products. We created evocative product names to reference not only their look and feel, but also a sense of natural beauty and wonder.


A fully-optimized e-commerce experience

To bring Threaded’s story and products to life for their audience, we created a custom, mobile-friendly retail and e-commerce experience. With the brand’s emphasis on fostering authentic connections in mind, we built their site to ensure a welcoming, beautiful, and user-friendly design and interface that takes each customer on a journey with the brand, as well as streamlining their path to purchase. Keeping the audience and industry top of mind, we optimized the site for search through both design and content, while staying true to the soulful essence of the brand.


Weaving stories with substance

Real transparency is core to Threaded, so we showcased their key messages through engaging storytelling and the brand’s sincere voice. By sharing inspirational stories of Threaded’s suppliers and workers, we highlight the larger narrative of the brand’s role in the changing textile industry.

The most genuine point of view for these was that of the founders themselves, sharing their experiences with others. To reinforce the authenticity and intimacy, we provided a documentary-style photography direction.


“Everyone who we have shared this website design, voice, and content with thinks that it is outstanding. Margaret and I couldn't be more proud… we are grateful for the hard work and support.”
Patti Bernstein, Co-Founder