Trinity Ventures

Head and heart: Unlocking one VC firm’s winning combo

Trinity Ventures digs in and commits to their entrepreneurs’ success—often yielding true friendships along the way. Trinity had managed consistent success, but given the hyper-competitive sector, wanted to ensure their winning formula was recognized. In Silicon Valley, is a “nice guy” reputation an asset? 

Setting out to refresh the brand's web presence, Trinity sought 214’s partnership on cracking this tricky positioning quandary. Uncovering insights about entrepreneurs' changing attitudes in research, 214 sharpened the positioning to deliver an identity and site that showcase Trinity’s winning combination of grit and heart.

Discovery: Getting candid with entrepreneurs

Through discovery interviews with entrepreneurs, we learned a lot about their current perceptions of the VC industry. A key topic was the "Silicon Valley bro" stereotype, a typical white male who brags about his newest Tesla. While once the accepted norm, younger entrepreneurs are becoming less tolerant of this kind of arrogance. Turns out, entrepreneurs respect the kind of candor, humility and authenticity that Trinity possesses, and it emerged as a key differentiator for the brand foundation.

Logo: A refreshing approach to venture capital

Refreshing the Trinity logo brought it in line with the personality and modernized feel. The symbol evokes focus, a subtle suggestion of collaborative connection.


Design: Looking on the bright side

Trinity's website was our primary canvas to express the refined brand personality and positioning. We emphasized their low-ego ways of partnering through a more authentic, human-centered communication style that set them apart. Responsive redesign, lighter colors, and refreshed information layout all create a clean and welcoming vibe.


Art Direction: Highlighting humanity

New color photography by David Dines of Dines & Co. reflects a brand with heart, focusing on the individuals who make Trinity what it is.

Voice & Messaging: Putting people first

In a crowded category, copy can get monotonous. Trinity now stands out against the status quo. The voice is marked by bold yet approachable authenticity. With a new tone and key ideas, the brand’s statements evoke confidence. As a result, Trinity will maintain the best of their “nice guy” reputation, adding uncompromising commitment and high-E.Q.